ROC LINE was brought into urban street life by a group of young explorers of the subversive buzz in 2012 spreading its vision of lifestyle. It shares the view of fashion as a result of life experience and produces unique textile designs for the urban uniform of the post-internet generation. The underlying idea was to connect people with a cord using simple blank shirts with a bold, catchy print. Straight out of the heart of Cologne we spread the word.

ROC LINE clothing is dedicated to the active and dynamic people who create and enact youth culture now and claim to live their life to the fullest by rocking new horizons, challenging and expanding the limits and standards of being young within the precarious conditions of the present days world.

ROC LINE is much more than just a fashion brand – it is an international family rendering the development of the global creative community considering the idea of the self-representation and expression through arts and cultural diversity. The young fashion brand welcomes friends and the general public to engage with the idea of the transmission of the urban lifestyle into the vibrant mix of art, design, music and fashion and to become a part of the international creative community. For more background information and a behind the scene view, follow ROC LINE on social media!